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Help them bloom!


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Whenever someone asks your feedback, try to be as much positive as you can be. Obviously, do not negate the mistakes. Point them out in a decent fashion. Once a person starts thinking he or she is best, they will restrict themselves from growing. It will stunt their achievements. Growing is never enough. You can always get better. Point out the things they can work on. Tell them to get better but not that they are worst. Give them hope, don’t steal it from them. A bud not showered with water and love would resist blooming. If it is not good enough, how would it ever be if they stop? Motivate the newbie. For a novice, there is a lot to explore, a lot to try hands-on and a lot to excel in. No one gets perfect in a few attempts. Success demands patience, determination, and courage. Everyone has potential, It’s courageous of them to find it and start working on it. Respect their courage. Smile, hold their hand and help them walk the strenuous path slowly. Tell them they are doing good. Don’t kill an artist at birth. Be honest with them, just not brutally. Let him or her unfold themselves in front of you slowly yet beautifully. Look at them growing step by step. Be a good part of their stories. Fill them with positivity. Let them enjoy their growth.
Be a beautiful person, help. 🌈

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To the perils of demons,
She always became the prey,
Her eyes shed the sorrow in silent,
Her rainbow world had become grey.

An epitome of beauty,
a pioneer of her realm,
All have been shadowed
By deep scars of her past.

Vexatious marks on wrists,
Profound scratches that she still endures,
Banishing of angst through grinding teeth and taut fists,
Illness of mental health which she yet procures.

Ashamed, fragile, broken in pieces
Constricted to a block in a dark corner,
Where the lights struggle to reach,
She has planned a times the lessons she
Aspires to courageously teach.

Shallow brains, empty hearts, nasty eyes,
Gruesome bodies,
All against which the victims have risen up
To make them fall, drag them down,
to make them plead while they crawl.

Hearts strong, eyes no more watery,
Lips have been singing the sounds
Of bravery.
Our beauty was never to blame.
We have hid ourselves a lot;
it’s time for #YouToo to cover your nasty
eyes in the pool of shame.



When the world will be asleep drowned in their dreams, you will be awake to work for your dream. When the people will be entertaining themselves, you will be entertaining your books. When everyone will be watching movies, you will be making content for your biography. When no one will have faith in you, you would not leave yourself alone. You will never stop believing yourself. When everyone will be laughing at your failure, instead of crying you will be working hard to glorify your parents’ name again. When people will be narrating stories of their success, you will look for inspiration and not grief. When people will be telling you what you cannot do, with ears closed you will be listening to your heart. No matter how hard you fall, YOU WILL RISE UP AND SHINE AGAIN!
Do you promise?
Remember, you are never too young to dream and never too old to fulfill.


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Open Letter

To a younger sibling, from an older one.

18947427_141978383017139_431854048170213376_nI welcome you to this beautiful world you just stepped on. You may not know how lucky you are to possess life. Death makes us cry and life sparks us with pleasure. You are too young to decipher the codes of nature, in fact, we all are, too new, too kid to comprehend the nature itself. You are one in a billion if we consider only The Earth and if we talk about The Universe, You are very petite. So you are a lot lucky to exist, just like us. I am not very experienced to tell you or to teach you what life is, I am just 17 years older than you. But I wish to share whatever I have learned so far.

1. Love your life, live your life.
Upon knowing how crucial and beautiful life is, you must understand how much you should love it. If you want to run, you run. If you want you to jump, you jump. If you want to fly, break your bones, but try. If you enjoy drawing, colors and papers are all yours, If you like to dance, don’t let the clamor lower your music. If you want to ask, get your answers. Sing with all your heart, dance in the rhythm of nature, walk in the air of happiness, smile from ear to ear, laugh like you are being tickled, do not let your problems steal your beautiful smile, do not let your fears stop your dancing.
2. Seek knowledge.
A kid asks questions more than an adult. People have noticed a kid is curious, he or she wants to know everything. He asks questions like What is Sun, where is it, who named things, why are there 28 days in February, why is the earth sphere? As the time passes, we somehow lose our curiousness, something kills it. Our Education system and our society are the murderers. Our education system has always focussed on the grades. It does not matter how much you learn, it does matter how much you score. Since the beginning, we are taught, pressurized to score not just the better, but best. Not the knowledge, but the marks are considered a standard to rank our intelligence. Sadly, I have to say that our education system has ruined us. Always focus on learning. There is a lot to learn, a lot to ask, a lot to answer. Do not let your curiousness die, with it dying a part of you dies too. Keep asking questions and if no one answers, find your answers yourself. Feed your curious brain as much as possible. Do not keep the education limited to your question papers. Education is a wide term, with no boundaries. Also, reading makes you a wise person. Reading is an investment. Read a book a month. Read articles. Knowledge is everywhere, not just in your syllabus. Everyone one knows something that you don’t. You can learn from anyone, your teacher, your parents, your maid, your cook, your driver, the shopkeeper, even the plants, and animals. Everyone is your teacher and you are and always will be a student. Be keen, look for knowledge and you will perceive it. Learning has no age limit, curiousness has no boundaries. Share your wisdom as much as you can. Your wealth, status, power may force people to respect you but your knowledge will make people respect you. Have fun while learning!
3. Embellish your surroundings.
The world is a beautiful place and your role is to make it prettier. Wickedness is already widespread, goodness is rare. Your job is to make the world a good place, a heaven with alive bodies and souls. Help people, be a good citizen, inspire people. Nature is beautiful as you can see, try to clean it more and more and do not litter anything, nor garbage, neither blood.
4. Love everyone, hate none.
Hate is a massive word. You may like someone a little lesser, but there are almost no reasons to hate. You will be taught to hate. You will be taught to discriminate. Lessons of casteism, sexism, racism would be certainly taught to you, make sure to bid goodbye to these concepts as soon as they enter your mind. We all are equal. No one is below you and you are lower to no one. We all have equal potential, equal powers, and are equally beautiful. Different flaws are making us differently beautiful. We do not need to know how different we are to live together. Practicing discrimination degrades you. No matter what, you ought not to shame anyone. You shouldn’t criticize someone upon anything. Your inhumanity may break their hearts, weaken them, kill their hopes, kill a person internally. (Ins. The Kite Runner) Stealing is the worst crime. When you make someone feel bad you steal his or her happiness. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. A person who does not knows to respect can never be truly respected. There are more people who deserve the love that you have kept to yourself. Shaming is not fun. More you spread love, more you get it. It is good which is praised, not the bad. Remember, gods, are worshipped in temples, not the devils. Lord Ram, Krishna are worshipped for their good deeds. APJ Abdul Kalam is the person our world was lucky to have, People cried upon losing him. He was a good person. No one misses Osama bin Laden. Evilness forcibly earns respect, goodness earns the deserving respect and love. When you earn something you deserve, you obtain happiness. When you earn something forcibly, you just get enough to feed your self-esteem. If hurting someone does not hurt you, you are degrading as a human being. Do not let that happen to yourself. Treat others in a way you wish to be treated. Helping does not lose you anything remarkable but lets you gain respect and more love.
5. Your dream is your aim.
What is your dream? Close your eyes, think about the things you want to do, what do you want the most? what do you want to become? Where do you want to go? What makes you smile? Write down the answers. Prioritize them. Gradually fulfill them. Let no one and nothing stop you. If there are obstacles, win over them. Get up as soon as you fall, run as soon as you stop. Get what you want. Your dreams are your goals. Never stop dreaming. No, my friend, nothing is impossible. No one knows enough to tell you what you cannot do. Do not let anyone tell you what you cannot do. Because you can do everything you can think of if you try harder. You are never too young to dream, never too old to fulfill. Find the ways to fulfill them, give yourself a treat. You deserve it. If someone stops you from accomplishing your dreams, do not stop, a dream once dead, may take years to reborn.
6. Little actions.
There are many people whose work you may adore, be it a writer, a painter, a teacher, an engineer, an activist, housekeeper, musician, dancer, compliment them if you like their work. This would make them smile, boost their confidence, make their day. Spread motivation, not demotivation. Reasons to cry are easy for everyone to find, let people find happiness within you. Pass smiles! Pass a smile to a stranger. Smiling is the sweetest gesture. Pass a smile because you are happy, pass a smile because you love your life, pass a smile because this would make the other smile. Tell people if you like their hair, dress, outfit, face or behavior. Let people know their strengths. A lot are already acquainted with their weaknesses.
7. Love and respect your gods.
God is a creator. Your parents gave you the privilege to live, all you have is given by them. Parents are the only people who give you without any expectation to take. Parents love you unconditionally. You will always have the warmth of your parents’ love. Love and respect them the most. Others may someday leave you in your crisis, parents will get in to save you from the same. Love your parents unconditionally, always.
8. Ignorance is a bliss.
The world is full of people. If there are people who adore you, there might be some you may criticize you. There is no need to fight. Fighting does not solve things, it complicates them. Smile and move. Your kindness will make them think about theirs. As said by someone, Kindness is the rent we must pay for living on the land of The Earth. Everyone will judge you, on your goods and bads too; mostly on bads. Don’t let negative opinions crowd up your mind space. Do not spoil your mood just keep dancing to the beats of life.
9. Live like you.
Yes, you can have fun, whenever you want to, In between exams, when you are sick, at 3 am, whenever you wish to. There should be no reason to hate your life. Take care of your health as well amidst the fun. A healthy life is a happy life. Be you and the world will be it. Celebrate Birthdays! The birth was the best thing happened to you and continuing living should be celebrated.

10. Observe everything.

Do not sit idle, when you have nothing to do, lookout things, people, observe. Try thinking from their perspective, try living their lives, observe how they do things, study them. Try to understand them, keep learning. Everything inspires and procures ideas.
11. Less virtual, more real.
Spend the most of your time offline. Do not let social media or screen games devour your precious time. Time is a valuable thing to lose. Invest the time in playing among nature, observing, learning, smiling, laughing and crying. Do not create any social media account before you are 13. When you have the real world to live in, why to exist in a virtual one?
Remember, in problems, in happiness, in confusion, in boredom, and in sorrow, I’ll always be by your side. Feel free to share anything.
Good luck, mate. Hope you will help this world prosper. ❤

(I wrote this letter for my cousin. Some changes have been made here. This is not the complete version.)

What lessons do you want to include for your younger brothers or sisters? Share in the comments. 🙂

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Kahin Kuch Kho Gaya Hai.

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Kahin kuch kho gaya hai shayad,
Daudte hue kab nange pero me joote aa gaye,
Kab khulli jebo par taale aa gaye,
Kab poochna chhod kar, bataana shuruu ho gaya,
Iss badlaav me shayad kuch ghum sa ho gaya.

Shayad bachpana hi khoya hai,
Yeh masoom ab kuch bada hua hai,
Hasna chhod kar, muskurana shuru hua hai,
Rona bandh aur dukhi hona maamuli hua hai,
Itni baagdaudh me shayad mera bachpana hi kahin laapata hua hai.
-Gaurvi Sharma

कहीं कुछ खो गया है शायद,
दौड़ते हुए कब नंगे पैरों में जूतें आ गए,
कब खुली जेबो पर ताले आ गए,
कब पूछना छोड़, बताना आरंभ कर दिया,
इस बदलाव में शायद कुछ घुम सा हो गया।

शायद बचपना ही खोया है,
यह मासूम अब कुछ बड़ा हुआ है,
हसना छोड़ कर, मुस्कुराना शुरू हुआ है,
रोना बंद और दुखी होना मामूली हुआ है,
इतनी भाग-दौड़ में शायद मेरा बचपना ही कहीं लापता हुआ है।

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english, Poem

The Trapped Bird

Clicked by- Nawat Ngerncham

To my whim to fly,
My heart nods a yes
While my owners deny.
My wings striving to take my first flight,
Unfortunately, I am prisoned in a golden cage tight.

I wonder when did I sell myself,
In return, I got nothing but a gold cage,
Is my worth lower to a rummage?
Till the last day of my life,
Will this monotonous be my life’s page?

The sky above enchants me to
Break the bars,
Get no victory, left with scars,
Trees are obnoxious about my arrival,
What outside the home, will be my boon to survival?

Sky rains, shine, tires and sleep,
I here stare into the beauty of almighty,
Brooding to spread me into it,
Failure is my source of anxiety.

One day, if my faith is strong,
I’ll come to you dear lord,
Flying my soul, if not my body,
It’s my dream, close, cozy, beautiful and foggy.

-Gaurvi Sharma

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Bijli nahi hai ghar me,
Tab bhi padh liya karte hai,
Voh bhavishya se aasha rakh kar,
Kitaabo me apni roshni dhoonda karte hai.
– Gaurvi Sharma

बिजली नहीं है घर में,

तब भी पढ़ लिया करते है,

वो भविष्य से आशा रख कर,

किताबो में अपनी रौशनी ढूंढा करते है.

-Gaurvi Sharma


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Hindi, Poem

An Ode To Fathers!


Jeb mein paise kam,

Dil mein pyaar zyada hai.

Bachche ki harr maang se,

Papa ka dil pighal jaata hai.
“Saare tere sapnon ko kishton mein poora kar doonga,

Kuch waqt dede mujhe beta,

Iss duniya ko teri mutthi me bhar doonga.”


Jaane kyun log papa ke naam se kaanp jaate hai,

Unke aakrosh ki narmahat shayad voh naa baanp paate hai.

Halki si daant bhi pita ki, humein kuch yuh sanwaar deti hai,

Kuch boojhi-uljhi si zindagi ko humaari, ek saaf mod dikha deti hai.


Vishwas naa ho itna sachcha karte hai papa pyar tumse,

Chaahe toh rahe khud sukoon se; magar itni mehnat kar,

din bhar paseena voh bahate hai,

taaki tum raho sukoon se.


Khudki saanson se zyada fikar hai tumhari,

Harr dikkat, harr pareshani utni hi unki jitni tumari,

Raah par chalte dost kab hata le apna kandha,

magar uss haath me humesha rahegi surakshit ungli tumhari.


Harr ek kaam ne unn ke,

Kuch paath mujhe padhaya hai, nadaan se dimag ko mere,

Harr pal kuch zaroori sikhaya hai.

Chaahe kitne hi padh loon inn kitabo ko mai,

Aakhir likhne layak toh mujhe papa ne hi banaya hai.


Bandh aankhon se thi mai guru ke saath,

aur dhoondti apne guru ko thi,

aankhen khuli toh pata laga

gyaan khoja maine hai,

magar mehnat mere guru ki thi.


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Hey everyone!

From now onwards I’ll be posting a quote here every Saturday.  Here’s the one for today.


सालों के इंतज़ार में आज को तुम खो दोगे, कितने आज को मिला कर ही तो तुम्हारे सालों बाद वाला कल ज़िंदा  है.

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